Susan was taken from Gallifrey when she was 16 and became the Doctors first companion. I just screamed with hysterical laughter and said, 'In that case, I'm not doing it.'" Except in that instance it was a sycorax child, and it attempted to eviscerate her. [31] In addition, Ford found the series too repetitive. This would obviously mean she is Gallifreyan or a Time Lord. The story I'm about to tell is something that not very many people know about. When she first regenerated she was an aweful mess her curled mane was something that took sometime getting used too, and as a result it was a mass of frizz for a while, until she discovered product and curl maintenance- the 23rd century was not a good time for fashion or for style in general. Having chosen a quiet spot in South Dakota to recover from the deaths of her husband and son, she finds herself at the center of increasingly violent attacks that her knowledge of science cannot explain away. He then resolves to begin looking for a place where Susan can be safe and content so that if he is ever apprehended by their people, she will still be free. In 1983, Doctor Who's then-script editor Eric Saward wrote a short story dealing with the Doctor's departure from Gallifrey for the Radio Times Doctor Who 20th Anniversary Special. She is known as a bit of a space invader, and will stand very close to everyone she is speaking with, her current short stature means she is constantly looking up at people, which can be very disconcerting to have someone seemingly staring up your nose while speaking to you. She had a reasonably normal childhood for what it was. But stories and legends of the timelords was not enough to appease the curious mind of her son, who determined to take up their family legacy, stole away in the Masters TARDIS. Accompanying the older man aboard a stolen Type 40/Mark I TARDIS, they journeyed to Earth and settled in England, where they took up temporary residence at the I.M. [25] Susan reappears in the 1998 Eighth Doctor Adventures novel Legacy of the Daleks by John Peel, which takes place after the events of The Dalek Invasion of Earth. By the time she returned from the pocket dimension, she looked about 50 in human years, despite that fact that she edging somewhere over the 120 mark. Posessions: Minaturised astral map (gift from her father) field gravity detector -looks like a pocket watch, sonic pen, Piece of psychic paper. IIRC, even that is ambiguous. Time, Space and Chips Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Doctor’s granddaughter who flew in the Tardis, fought the Daleks and even brought five versions of the Time Lord together in The Five Doctors? The Doctor has to be given hope again, by the one Time Lord left in the universe who is wholly and completely on his side, and maybe, just maybe, the one who hates him the most. Mainly this was due to the fact she travelled with her Grandfather, who was not exactly known for his safety precautions. When the time came for her to look into the untempered schism she became inspired, but her inspiration was one of duty. She longed to fulfil the duties of the Time Lords. Her last name of Foreman is an alias taken from the junkyard, owned by an "I. M. Foreman" at 76 Totter's Lane, where she and the Doctor lived (in the TARDIS) during their time in London in 1963. Foreman Junkyard at 76 Totter's Lane in Shoreditch. [43] Carole Ann Ford recalled that she was told her character would be "an Avengers-type girl – with all the kapow of that – plus she would have telepathic powers. Talked about the options. The issues that had been of so much concern to the people on Gallifrey, having been resolved, made her strong and an imaginative thinker in his time. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Susan Foreman Main aliases:Arkytior, Lady Larn, Susan English, Susan CampbellSpecies:Time LadyPlace of origin:GallifreyFirst seen in:An Unearthly ChildAppearances:List of AppearancesMain actor:Carole Ann Ford You may wish to consult Susan for other, similarly-named pages.. Susan was the assumed name of a Time Lord who was a granddaughter of the Doctor. It is implied within the story that Susan took the surname "Foreman" from this junkyard sign as an alias for use at the school, for when her chemistry teacher made the assumption that her grandfather was "Doctor Foreman" the Doctor replied, "Doctor who? At different times in her life she was known as “Susan Foreman”, “Susan English” and “Susan Campbell”, but she was usually called simply “Susan”. They had been back less than a week, when all hell broke loose. She took to it like a duck to water, and in true tradition of the Doctor there was plenty of running. She has a slender athletic frame, which she is fairly proud of but given the amount of time she puts it, it’s more than justified. At the end of that novel, Susan comes into possession of the Master's TARDIS after he tries to capture her, and is once again able to roam time and space. This catches the attention of her teachers at Coal Hill School, Ian Chesterton (William Russell) and Barbara Wright (Jacqueline Hill), who follow her home to a junkyard owned by an unseen proprietor named I. M. Foreman. She is no longer the wide eyed teenager following her grandfather with wide eyed adoration, but the one thing that has remained is her large brown eyes. Swearing never to use the machine, she put it into storage and hoped that out of sight would mean out of mind. The dark, in pitch darkness (i.e no light at all) she can be crippeled by her own fear - two words people Vasda Nerada! Susan Foreman è un personaggio immaginario interpretato da Carole Ann Ford nella serie televisiva britannica di fantascienza Doctor Who. SUSAN: It was the back-combing. They were introduced to Susan Foreman, a schoolgirl who claimed to live in a police telephone box in a junk-yard, and her grandfather, an irascible old man known as the Doctor. She must have looked in her late 30’s when the Master invaded their peace and quiet. [9] Although Susan is not mentioned by name, the Ninth Doctor says in "Father's Day" that his "whole family" died,[10] and in "The Empty Child", Doctor Constantine remarks he has been a father and grandfather, but now he is neither, to which the Doctor replies, "I know the feeling. [13] In "The Rings of Akhaten", the Eleventh Doctor recounts the occasion that he travelled with his granddaughter to the rings of the planet Akhaten. she is very astute and gets the measure of people rather quickly. She is defiantly that. They took the names Foreman, after the name of the junkyard in which the TARDIS had landed. If Susan is a Time Lord then the Time Lord theories at the start of this post could apply to her – is she the Time Lord who is still, somewhat, active in the Universe? [16] A brief glimpse of Susan, played by an unidentified body double, is seen in the opening scene of "The Name of the Doctor", which depicts the Doctor and Susan leaving Gallifrey in a TARDIS. She likes things a certain way, generally speaking this is her way. As she lived her David her appearance changed in a very human way, she grew out her hair to a longer and more mature style that eventually began to turn grey as real life took its toll. She stayed on Earth with the Freedom fighter David Campbell after the Dalek Invasion in the 22nd century. In the 2017 novel A Brief History of Time Lords, an image of Susan is shown as one of the things that the Doctor took with him when leaving Gallifrey, although she is listed as the President's daughter. She learned to fight along side him and while she never fully escaped her grandfathers pacifist, non-lethal legacy, she did become proficient in hand to hand combat and is a pretty decent shot should the occasion arise. She had been in a market in Fenwin 5, merely browsing when, like a roaring scream she felt as though her head would explode. She travelled with him during his first incarnation and reunited with him during his fifth (TV: The Five Doctors) and eighth incarnations. Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 Next > Christopher Writer Admiral. Susan Foreman is a pupil at Coal Hill School, where she is taught History by Ms Wright and Science by Mr Chesterton. Following the revelation in 2013's "The Day of the Doctor" and "The Time of the Doctor" that the Time Lords were not, as originally believed, wiped out by the Doctor's hand,[17][18][19] Susan's fate after The Five Doctors remains ambiguous. – Susan. [32] She appears in the Eighth Doctor Adventures audio plays in Relative Dimensions (2010)[31][33] and Lucie Miller / To the Death (2011). [27] In the 2003 Telos novella Frayed, which also takes place prior to the serial An Unearthly Child, Susan's name was given to her from a young girl in a besieged human medical facility on another planet, after the girl's mother. Now she wears very little foundation, having naturally good skin, but she does what she can to accentuate her eyes and lips. His parents (or school attendants?) [3], Susan continues to travel with the Doctor and her two teachers until the 1964 serial, The Dalek Invasion of Earth. [close] Susan was the assumed name of a Time Lord who was a granddaughter of the Doctor. "[46] Ford felt that the Doctor and Susan's relationship was different from that of later characters who had been branded as "companions" because she was also the Doctor's granddaughter. So to the question, nothing has indicated that Susan Foreman is a Time Lady, and her status as a full blooded Gallifreyan is also questionable as we don't know the pedigree of Susan… Life in the pocket dimension, trundled onwards and eventually Susan began to notice the ravages of time on her face and in her hair that had begun to take on a few tell tale greys. The stand-in actually looks a bit shorter to me. Having had no telepathic contact with her race for so long, to suddenly have them once more was almost over powering, what had been whispers once felt like thunder. However, she is telepathic, and the Doctor implies that she can regenerate (by being surprised that her son, Alex, has only one heart, lacks telepathy, and can't regenerate. She travelled with him during his first incarnation and reunited with him during … This catches the attention of her teachers at Coal Hill School, Ian Chesterton (William Russell) and Barbara Wright (Jacqueline Hill), who follow her home to a junkyard owned by an unseen proprietor named I. M. Foreman. Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by Gotham Central, Jun 26, 2013. At different times in her life she was known as “Susan Foreman”, “Susan English” and “Susan Campbell”, but she was usually called simply “Susan”. They are merely the whimsical nature of her personality but they do tend to crop up at odd times and make people think she is weirder or more sinister than she really is. For months the Master’s TARDIS haunted her dreams, her way back to her own world, her people. As Ian and Barbara have gained this knowledge, the Doctor whisks them away on the TARDIS against their will, and he cannot accurately fly the machine. [47] They established that the Doctor had "done something to annoy the other Time Lords" that had caused his and Susan's exile. È la nipote e compagna di viaggio del Primo Dottore. [42], The earliest scripts for the series had a completely different origin for the character of Susan, that of an alien princess named Suzanne - saved by the First Doctor from a world different to his own. Il personaggio apparve nella serie dal 1963 al 1964, lungo tutta la prima stagione e in due macro storie all'inizio della seconda. Unfortunately she is very sarcastic, even when she does not mean to be. The latter gives an explanation for why the Doctor left Susan. Joined: Mar 15, 2001. In The Curse of Fenric, the Seventh Doctor states that he does not know if he has any family. Check the synopsis below: Gallifrey needs every Time Lord to fight the Time War. Because regenerative nucleus was formed so late in her life span, her lack of training, and given the trauma her body had already undergone before the nucleaus was in place, the regeneration forced her into a much younger body – a strange late teenager, with large eyes and too much hair. [44] Susan became the first companion to leave the programme, after just 51 episodes. [28] The Eighth Doctor Adventures novel Sometime Never... depicts the Doctor's adoptive granddaughter Zezanne as an alien princess who would later travel to a junkyard in 1963 with a man who resembled the First Doctor. This regeneration Susan has lost her black locks in favour of long brown hair, that gently curls around her face. [36][37] In the 2003 Doctor Who Unbound play Exile, an alternative Doctor, whose latest regeneration was female (played by Arabella Weir), settles on Earth in 2003 using the identity and 1963 school records of Susan Foreman. Has it been established that she actually is the Doctor's granddaughter? She likes her room totally neat, all of her wires and things are colour coded, everything gets fixed the moment it breaks, and heaven help the person who rearranges her music collection. An attraction of the Susan theory is that the 50th Anniversary is coming up and Moffat might be tempted to pick up some of the oldest loose ends in the series. It was a little off putting to be standing beside ones own son and look young enough almost to be his child. >These were imbecillic accessories grafted on at the end of the Troughton >period; and elaborated by successive generations of unimaginative writers >and producers. "[11] In "Fear Her", the Tenth Doctor states, "I was a dad once," but does not elaborate on this revelation. Glad to be out and experiencing what she had spent hours in the classroom studying. Older fans, or younger ones with a knowledge of the older episodes, will be aware that some Time Lords weren't on Gallifrey when last seen. This Time Lady was born Arkytior, which incidentally means ‘Rose’ in High Gallifreyan, but later adopted the alias Susan Foreman and maintained it throughout the rest of her life. Susan travelled with the 1st Doctor . [31], Fictional character in the TV series Doctor Who, "Doctor Who 7.07 "The Rings of Akhaten" Review", "Review of Doctor Who 'Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS' – Series 7, episode 10", "Doctor Who — The Companion Chronicles — Susan",, "Mysteries of Doctor Who explained: "Unbelievably precious" Doctor Who scripts lost for 50 years discovered in Kent", "Doctor Who? [8] In "The End of the World", the Ninth Doctor states that his home world has been destroyed and that he is the last of the Time Lords. - Read the results on this poll and other Doctor Who polls | Yahoo Answers We know that John Smith was a name used by the Doctor when he needed a name. She is generally in favour of the hit him now and ask questions later approach. Background. An attack on the Hand of Time, seemed set to end the fledgling Galifreyan nation before it began, but Susan, using skills she had learnt in the pocket dimension was able to disarm the explosive -sort of. [26] The 2001 Telos novella Time and Relative takes place just prior to An Unearthly Child and involves Susan and several of her classmates from Coal Hill School trying to survive an alien invasion of Earth by a race of ice beings called the Cold and at the same time convince the Doctor to stop the attack. She is the kind of person who would find an injured rattle snake on the side of the road, take it home, nurse it back to health then be surprised when it bit her. >>Susan was the Doctor's granddaugher, so would be a Time Lord, so could >become a man! Instead of taking a title or simply a moniker like most TimeLords she kept the alias she adopted in 1963. She took the name "Foreman" from the sign on the junkyard where the TARDIS was parked. They made a life together in his time, the 22nd century, where she in essence became a fighter. In pain and dyeing, it was Romana who granted her some form of clemency. What's he talking about? You might not believe it, but the BBC has confirmed it. She aged as a normal woman would, if much more slowly. After an encounter with the Daleks, Susan met David Campbell. Susan's character has been expounded upon in spin-off media. Susan Foreman was a humanoid alien from the planet Gallifrey and the granddaughter of the Time Lord known as the Doctor. I lost all that a long time ago, along with everything else", admitting, "I can see them. Could she risk using his time machine, or would the fractured mind of the coral be unco-operative or dangerous in its behaviours. It is one of the things that persisted through all of her regenerations – she blames her grandfather on it – he’s so chaotic –she is the opposite. Susan Foreman was a humanoid alien from the planet Gallifrey and the granddaughter of the Time Lord known as the Doctor. They are caused by momentary chemical balances as her new body and old mind try to find an uneasy equilibrium. His Time Lord identity was The Doctor.

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