I don’t want to hear any more of your dumb excuses! I get to work on my new music for tonight! Luna:Sorry dude, kitchen's off limits. Lucy: Gasp, what are you doing? Pitman led, 20-12, but the game will not be completed and will not count as a victory for the Gloucester County school, athletic directors said. He looks out and sees Luna and Luan arguing). Leni:(Remembers) Hey, I know, he's at Ian's house, Lori: Good point, Leni, come on, guys let's go, (Sisters went off to Ian's house;Cuts to Daphne still comforting Lincoln with Ian making pizza when he sees Lincoln's sisters approaching his house), Lincoln: Because, I don't want to see them unless they missed me, (Daphne let's Lincoln hide behind the couch and sisters knocks the door which Ian answers it), (Ian closes the door and Lincoln's sisters left), (Cuts to sisters arrive home in depression), Lori: We've literally look for him everywhere, Lily: (babbles sadly as Luna picks her up), (They sit on the couch in sorrow;Meanwhile, Lincoln, Ian and Daphne are eating pizza.). Report this GIF; Iframe Embed. Newfound stone artifacts suggest humankind left Africa traveling through … 6 Styles Brawl Stars Game Mask Ice fabric Anime Print Mask $ 1.16. The 5th Grade Video Contest. "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge" is the twenty-second episode and season finale of The Simpsons' thirteenth season. You gotta be kidding me! (slams door). Lori: She's right Lincoln, you really have done a lot of great things for us. Don't think about leaving dude, because I love you, and I wouldn't trade you for someone else. I... didn't really like it. Everyone's gonna vote for this. Lincoln: You won't have to. On Monday morning last week, a bullet that struck the Auburn house of Mahmoud Dib, a senior Bandido, came close to striking his four-year-old son. Luna: Hey bro? Can you help me string my guitar? He then walks towards the kitchen, only to find Luna guarding the entrance. (Lincoln walks inside, only to find that everyone was back to normal). (Luna felt sorry for Lincoln, and she tightly hugged him), Luna: Lincoln, bro, don't say it like that. Hurt by his stupid actions making his family mad at him, Lincoln is ecstatic when Lisa asks him to test out a new invention. Clyde:(Intoxicated) Ah, Lori's toots. Like this! Whoever's video gets the most votes wins this beauty. Why can't we all be friends, when we can enjoy being friends when Friendzy one of the best episodes of the Loud House that came into our lives!? Meanwhile, sisters are having meeting about Lincoln is missing). WALUIGI TIME! (Daphne sits next to Lincoln;comforts him). Brawl in the Family (The Loud House) Breaking Dad; Butterfly Effect; C Can't Hardly Wait; Cereal Offender; Change of Heart; Changing the Baby; Cheater by the Dozen; Chore and Peace; City Slickers; Come Sale Away; Community Disservice; Cooked! Báo cáo. Lincoln: Good golly! ᴴᴰ The Loud House New Ep 4A - Brawl in the Family _ Comedy cartn. (The two began to argue, as everyone else came in). "This is literally the cutest dress ever", Lori said, "I'm so going to wear it on my date with Bobby." Loud House: Divided Fanfiction. Where exactly is this comedy gold? [Written by MAL Rewrite] TV - Apr 17, 2005, 07:00 (JST ... Claymation series about a family of "housnails" (portmanteau of house and snail) focusing on Jam, the elementary school aged housnail. Follow Lincoln Loud and his adventures living with 10 sisters. (Lola suddenly drags Luna downstairs, while Lana drags Luan into Lincoln's room). Anime Figure wholesale,anime online shop,Anime Wholesale,anime toy store,anime distributor of China,supply Anime merchandise,All anime toys in wholesale price,anime toys merchandise,anime shop,anime product wholesaler Okay, when I first watch this episode, I was infuriated how this blunder turns out. Clyde: Hey! ), (The sisters rant about Lincoln's video.). Plus there is the fact that the sister's Protocol was never shown or mentioned before and is never seen or mentioned again afterwards. Nice try, U shld go to UR BIG SISTER'S site for some tipzz. Ian: Oh my I'm sorry about your sisters that they are mad at you. The Loud House S02E06 - Suite and Sour The Loud House S02E0 The Loud House S02E06 The Loud House. And for the record, it was these shoes! Lincoln: But, how'd you guys fix everything? I would never post it without your permission. watch 01:20. (Ian and Daphne shows Lincoln which surprises them), Lori:(In tears) Oh Lincoln, were sorry for pulverizing you, Lincoln: That's the word that I like hear and of course I forgive you, guys, (Sisters shows a trophy to Lincoln and gives him a trophy), Lola: You're the most improved brother of all, (Lincoln gives sisters a hug and puts his trophy in the case), Lincoln:(To the viewers) Well looks like I've finally win the trophy for most improved brother. Lisa? This GIF by Nickelodeon has everything: fight, fighting, THE LOUD HOUSE! Lisa:Lori's cooling off in there after she had a fight with Leni. Log in. Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Jump to navigation Jump to search. You're not unwanted. Well I thought it would present a very good challenge because my last fanfiction "Change of Heart" didn't turn out so good. Enough votes to beat HamstaCam? I don't think there was a topic about Nickelodeon's "The Loud House" at No Homers, so I decided to make one. My first rant video ever. Mackenzie Toon. Luan then stops laughing and begins to feel bad for Lincoln). Can't I try to fix this? (Leni storms out of the room, and into Luna and Luan's room). (begins crying), (Sisters arrive upstairs and notice Luan is crying). When Lori and Leni buy the same dress, a fight breaks out leading to DEFCON 5 in the Loud House. What a weirdo! The Loud House Season 2 E03 - Baby Steps & Brawl in the Family. Lisa: Oh no, this has become an erupting volcano! This is gonna get a ton of votes! Basically, I stopped watching Nick at the end of 2009 b/c I was getting older at the time, and I can tell Nick is a totally different thing than what it used to be. Lincoln:(sigh) How am I going to fix this? Saved by Ian: Yeah she's right, she always on your side. Lori: You've got exactly three seconds before we pulverize you! I've been doing this all day! But, tomorrow. Next, he saved Joe Lieberman. (Sisters laugh at him and Lincoln walk upstairs. ALL RIGHT! Male Classmate: You mean Miss Toots-A-Lot? I've seen one with the roommate swapping episode, but do any exist for Chore and Peace. Lincoln: Were making a video for The 5th Grade Video Contest so I can win a trophy. Luna: You think you deserve a trophy for that, bro? Kids Fantasy. What am I supposed to eat? Loud House fic - Sound of Silence Extended Ending. Lynn: Can't I take a break?! (As the kids laugh, Lincoln starts to look a little worried and thinks Ian might be right.). Mackenzie Toon . Besides, I said comedy gold, not digging for gold. It was meathead madness as several men weaponized gym equipment in a wild brawl in England last week. Lincoln: Because...I'm kind of miss my sisters. Charles Choi. Check out cjwhite-31645's 6/10 review of "The Loud House: Baby Steps/Brawl in the Family" Lincoln: But now, I finally have my chance! But just then Lori came in. Then, he walks over to the kitchen, only to find out that Luna is blocking the entrance.] Clyde: You really think you're going to win, Lincoln? 4 years ago | 32.2K views. Lincoln:(Gets an idea) If we struck comedy gold with one sister, with ten, we'll have Comedy Fort Know! I think it's pretty weak. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth living with ten sisters for here.. See? Click the link. One of the first things Barack Obama did after winning the election two weeks ago was put an old-school political brawler in charge of his White House. Lola: Hey Pop-Pop, have you seen Lincoln? Luna: (sighs) Are you still upset over yesterday? One day, Lori had come home with a shopping bag. (However,  a while after uploading to the school's website's contest page, the video doesn't have any votes at all.). Download. Lana: (to her headset) Come in Lola, we're heading to the red zone. No, wait, it's a comment. To be honest, I have not watched the show at all. Follow Zoe and Hercules as they have crazy misadventures with their new friends and neighbors who become like a family to them as He... #house #loud #perkygoth14 (to the viewers) Looks like the fight is finally over. Follow Lincoln Loud and his adventures living with 10 sisters. An event that has unintended consequences for the rest of the family. This is my take on a different epilogue for this particular episode. (Opens door) Lincoln? Report. (chases after his sisters), Luna:(Drowning Lincoln out with heavy metal frustration) Can't hear ya, bro! That's me! I don't own the Loud House, They belong to their creator and Nickelodeon I don't own the picture used for the cover...it belongs to it's creator. The Loud House S02E05 - Brawl in the Family. History Talk (0) Comments Share. The Loud House Season 2 Episode 3b Brawl in the Family. Lori: (angry) That's no mirror! Enjoy. You have no idea what I had to go through yesterday! (Lincoln runs upstairs and slams his door shut. (A series of flashbacks take place; Flashback #1, Lincoln is shown running a marathon but arrives at the finish line hours after it had finished; Flashback #2, Lincoln is in a karate tournament and breaks his arm when trying to display a karate chop and is being put to the hospital; Flashback #3, Lincoln is competing in a beauty pageant, which is usually Lola's territory.). HTML5 Embed. He was being used as a slave and gets constantly bullied. Worse story no wonder one of your oldest loud house fan fiction is trash. The day began just like an ordinary Saturday morning. In the episode, a massive heatwave causes the residents of Springfield to install large air conditioning devices in their homes. A fight at the end of the first half prompted officials to end the football game between Pitman and Wildwood on Friday night in Wildwood. Lincoln:But I'm hungry! The relief developed a grudging respect for the man when Loxton was relieved of a murder charge due to his swift intervention. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Welcome to the Loud House Fanfiction. I thought you pulverize Lincoln? Lori: I wonder if he's even going to help us anymore. Female Classmate: Lincoln, your video rocks! (Lincoln hugs Daphne;Ian joins in.Meanwhile, sisters arrive at Albert's house and knocks the door;Albert answers it), Albert: Well it's my great granddaughters. [The episode begins with Lincoln whistling as he goes to the couch, but the living room is empty. The Loud House. 30.4K 290 329. Lincoln walked into the living room to find no one. Daphne: Lincoln, what are you doing here? He also introduced a new exercise whilst at the station to monitor response times. If you want to win the contest, you have to make funny video. Lynn: Shut up Lincoln! 9:38. 11:21 . Oh no! (Suddenly, Lincoln hears arguing from the hallway. Join Linka and her crazy brothers through their chaotic life as they learn to live together in The Loud House! (slams the door), (Lincoln sighs and Lana opens it which he thinks she will forgive him.). Clyde: You can't  get pulverized, Lincoln! Lori's sisters: Oooohh... Leni: [enters the room with her dress] O-M-Gosh, you guys! I’ve had enough of this! (The ball bounces off pole and onto her face, sending her flying onto a trampoline where she bounces off and lands in the soda pool.). Lincoln: (tearful) Well, I guess if me fixing things is by leaving, then I guess Luan doesn't want anyone to be her assistant, Lynn doesn't want someone to practice with, Lucy doesn't want anyone to help her poems, and no one wants me to sort out the twins whenever they're arguing! Leni: (angry) Oh yeah?! Leni: (angry) What?! Lisa: Well I did find this bagel under the couch. This is the subreddit for the Nickelodeon series The Loud House. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. So, I thought of making up an alternative route that may be cliche, but it honestly would make a better ending than what the episode portrayed. (walks into the wall and gets dragged in by Lori. Luan: See Lincoln? Then, he walks over to the kitchen, only to find out that Luna is blocking the entrance.] Stritch lived in the Section House for a while, and supervised the interviews of officers involved in a brawl there one evening. Luna: Sorry bro, kitchen's off limits. Think of this show as the Japanese equivalent to "The Partridge Family" and you'll get a good feel for this show's atmosphere. Luan: You broke the unspoken rule: never post a video without the person's permission! Lincoln: Come on, Ian, so we can beat HamstaCam. Comment. (turns to Lynn and Lucy) Guys, come on! The Loud House. Lincoln: Everything should be good? Luna: (sits next to him) Lincoln, just admit it. Lincoln sighed. Add to Favourites. After the events of BitF, the sisters are avoiding Lincoln. Lana: Hold it Linc. Hundreds of National Guard troops are stationed at the Capitol after last week's deadly riot. (They then secretly fill Lori who is walking up to the fridge and looks around and thinks she's alone; she lets out what looks like a fart; next, they film Lola who is sleeping with a mud mask, a sleeping mask, hair curlers, and a retainer to make herself beautiful; they move onto Lana who rummages through the trash and finds a piece of gum and ches it; they film Lori again while shes texting and she presumably lets out another fart; they film Lisa who is reading a science book until she walks into the banister; Leni comes in and walks into the wall next to the banister; they film Lori yet again while she's getting ready to go out for a drive and she presumably farts again; she notices the stench and rolls down the window.). It means Luan can help us win the video contest! As long as you don't get involved, everything should be good. Read full article. Looks like it doesn't matter anymore! He went towards the kitchen, only for Luna to block the way. Luan: Sorry, Linc. A solid character flaw here … My sisters have done some pretty impressive stuff to get in here. Lincoln: That's great, Clyde, but-series of escalating mishaps?! No! 11:31. Daphne: Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that about your situation. First ones eating will be Leni, Luan, and Lana. Lynn: (sarcastically) Yeah, because you're so full of sunshine. This story has a rewrite available. The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. Most Popular Sales Favorites New Price-1/5. (starts to clsoe the door then opens it) I know I say that a lot, but this time...I mean it. Ian: Because, when he and Clyde filming their sisters for a video contest until his sisters were very angry at him and they pulverizing him. (slams her door), Leni: Yeah! The Loud House: We've Had It. Leni: We did but we regret it because, he ran away from home. With Collin Dean, Catherine Taber, Jessica DiCicco, Grey Griffin. And from what I've seen, fans didn't like the episode either. The Loud House S02E3b - Brawl In The Family. Leni: (notices Lori's dress) Ooh! Luan: How would you know?! Follow/Fav Brawl in the Family (Alt Ending) By: Batdude365. Lincoln walked into the living room to find no one. Lana: Lola, what are you doing?! Lincoln: Why isn't anybody voting for this? Look! Lori is tall, with her hair cut to the top of her shoulders. (Cuts to Lincoln puts his stuff and even Bun-Bun into his backpack and slides where Lisa has installed), (Lincoln walks off. 2 years ago | 2K views. Tossing the comic he had been trying to read aside, Lincoln sighed miserably at the sounds outside his bedroom door. (Uploads video of what is simply a hamster just running just running around in his wheel like any other hamster). Lincoln: (sighs) Alright Linc, you can do this. Clyde: Oh hey and why the long face? Leni: Of course we do! Lynn rose out of bed and opened the window, smiling as she looked at how nice it was outside. There are Lynn's soccer trophies, Lola's pageant crowns, Lisa's Junior Nobel Prize, even Lily's won her thumb sucking contests! Giphy Link. Lincoln:(To the viewers) The Loud Family trophy case. Enjoy! Lucy: Oh no... Looks like we're going to have to try something else. This was f#$%ing ridiculous to me and everybody else!!! Luna: (smiles) Friday! (Starts with Lincoln looking at the trophy case). This fight is getting worse! Cartoons Loud House. Sale. Lincoln notices the fight, and runs out the house in fear). Leni: Plus, there's like, a million other dresses in the world. (Lincoln goes into Lori and Leni's room, finding the two looking angry while doing their own thing). Leni: Hey guys! (Knocks again) Lincoln, hello? Search. 20:07. Lincoln: I just wanted a trophy to put in the case like you guys! (Lincoln takes the bagel and takes a bite out of it). HTML5 links autoselect optimized format. The Loud House S02E06 - Suite and Sour. Two-hundred fresh comics with more Waluigi than you can shake a mustache at, including dozens of new honest-to-goodness Brawl in the Family strips!. Eh, it's not that personal. Lori: You wanna work something out?! Lisa: (sighs) I should've worded my statement better. Daphne: Yeah, come on, Lincoln like I said remember I'm always be your side, (They left;cuts to sisters still sitting on their couch in sorrow and begins have tears in their eyes), (Sisters starts to cry until they heard a knock), (Lori answers it which is Ian and Daphne). Do you think they have a virus! Laney was quietly reading a book and enjoing the company of her sisters. I don't think there was a topic about Nickelodeon's "The Loud House" at No Homers, so I decided to make one. For the record a nightmare or not Lincoln should’ve acknowledge his problems to his parents instead of ditching everyone’s to stay with his friends. (Shows that such trophies are in their proper spots, but his spot is completely vacant and sighs). And for some reason, I make things worse! Stunts are so last year. ᴴᴰ The Loud House New Ep 4A - Brawl in the Family _ Comedy cartn. Basically, I stopped watching Nick at the end of 2009 b/c I was getting older at the time, and I can tell Nick is a totally different thing than what it used to be. (Lori and Leni start arguing again, and the other sisters come in. (Sisters went off to find Lincoln, then they arrive at Clyde's house but stops). Brawl Stars. You're supposed to be watching Lori, Luna, and Lola. Her videos R sick: L.O.L. Brawl in the Family (The Loud House) Edit. Lincoln: Well, HamstaCam, looks like you win. (Clyde closes the door and sisters walks back to Lori), (Meanwhile at Ian's house, Lincoln and Ian are watching ARRGH when they heard a knock), (Ian and Daphne hugs and kisses and she noticed Lincoln). (At Clyde's house, Lincoln was talking to him). Follow. I can't go back there now if they're going to continue fighting. Untitled: Photo. Many of you are wondering why I'm doing this one. (Lincoln and Clyde zoom-in on her rip and laugh and move onto Lucy who's holding a bust of a vampire. Are you listening to me? Luan: Because, it's unspoken. I'm your brother! I feel unwanted... (tearful) Like no one even wants me to help them anymore! 20:09. 9 Comments. You've done so many great stuff for us, and what we did yesterday was stupid. Lincoln:Hey! The show is the ultimate family program and tends to follow traditional themes. Don't expect to see things like violence, swearing, kung-fu action or magical girls. My sisters would pulverize me if I posted a video like that! All of you! Re-Written Episode: Brawl in the Family. (Lincoln hears the arguement, and tries to stop it). (Lincoln was reading his comic books looking depressed, when Luna comes in). Quit pointing out the obvious!! Report. The infamous Brawl in the Family episode. What if I left, and nothing would change?! Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, https://theloudhouse.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Ianj1997/Making_The_Case_Rewrite_(%2B_Ian)?oldid=508426, This is my first re-written fanfiction which plus me (along with Daphne), Daphne is the next person to be on Lincoln's side. Enjoy! Directed by Chris Savino. Lynn:(Bouncing a Soccer ball off her head) 56...57...58...59...(steps on the rake and gets hit) Ouch! 2 years ago | 2K views. Ooh! I had no idea the living room had a mirror! Lincoln: My sisters were mad at me yesterday, they won't speak to me, because, I got pulverized. "Brawl in the Family" Ass Pull: The fact that everyone, even Bobby, knows the Sister Fight Protocol.Yet Lincoln is unaware of it despite living in the house for all of his life. ), Lola: You're uninvited to my birthday party FOREVER! History Talk (0) Comments Share. I hope I can do my best on my first Loud House literature. Luna: At least it's better than every stupid joke you've told! House debates ahead of vote on impeaching President Trump again . Tick & Tack. A boy walked around the mountain, his massive body making it a bit harder to move around. Lincoln insists on going in, as he's hungry, but Lisa tells him that she found something under the sofa cushions. (to the viewers) Nothin' quite like it! MOQ : 5 (0) Add to Cart. You got a vote! Lori: Guys! THE LOUD HOUSE. If it wasn't for you, who knows how we would've been. Saved from divine001.tumblr.com. Sister fight protocols. Tick & Tack are very good friends who get caught up in mysterious events that let them make friends along the way. I hope you enjoy it! New episodes air on Nick; Tune in to the live broadcasts to help boost the ratings; If you don't have cable, support the show by purchasing it from Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, etc; Wiki I know how are you guys feel yesterday because, I filmed you guys something embarressing and I know your mad at me because, I want to win a trophy for that trophy case and you guys never speak to me yesterday. Lincoln: Now, this is gonna beat HamstaCam! Log in. Clyde: Sorry, Lincoln. Lisa: (from Lucy's headset) Roger, copy that. 9:57. Lola: YOU SHOWED MY SLEEP FACE FOR SOME STUPID CONTEST?! Search. Lincoln: Hmm...maybe soemthing like this is a little too personal. As a guy who wants to work in animation, I like the style of the cartoon. The Loud House Fighting GIF by Nickelodeon. Chapter Text. (splits and rips her new jeans; in her normal accent) Oof! If they just let me handle it, I could make sure everything goes back to normal! She lives in a house with her husband, her kids and her parents. Meanwhile, Ian was taking a nap when he hears a knock and answers it which is Lincoln.). Lincoln Loud here! The next time you guys have a problem, you can fix it yourself, because THAT'S WHAT IT SEEMS LIKE NOW! (Lincoln goes upstairs in depression and went into his room), Lincoln:(To the viewers) I guess Ian was right about that situation, I mean my sisters won't speak to me (lays on his bed and look at the ceiling). Well, here it is, another re-write for an episode that just recently came out: Brawl in the Family. Ooh, drafty. Lincoln begins to get angry by the arguing). Lori: I have to stay here so Clyde won't see me. The cause of this anarchy in the UK was unknown, according to a report from Metro. (tries to make it look like they were making the farting noise but fails) Of course it's not working now. THE LOUD HOUSE. Lincoln:(Shakes fist) HamstaCam! You make things worse when you try to fix things here! Lisa: True, you're always the first one to come up with a solution for everything. Lynn: Like the time you helped me and Lucy make up when we were fighting. Male Classmate: Yeah! What will he do to his sisters? Watch the Show. My forty-second fanfiction, and sequel to the infamous Season 2 episode, "Brawl in the Family". I don’t want to talk to any of you, I don’t want to hear anything from you, I don’t even want to look at you anymore! I'm your side. After I win the trophy on Friday, I'll just delete the video. Well, you're about to find out! Luan:(In her thoughts) What am I doing right now? December 1, 2011, 4:42 AM. The Weather family moves into the neighborhood and they meet their eccentric new neighbors of one boy and ten girls. We got a vote! (In character) Hey, fifth grade! Lori's in there cooling off. It peaked through the windows of the Loud family household as the 11 siblings and their parents one by one rose out of bed. Feel so horrible the comic he had been a week since the whole fight again the of. Clyde picking his nose ), Leni: or the time you helped me and Varie knocking the! Walks over to the bathroom, but was the loud house brawl in the family rewrite nervous ) of it ) $ % ing ridiculous me. ( TV ) do you Remember PJ Mole knock and answers it which is Lincoln )... War 1 so I runaway possible for the record, it was meathead madness as several men gym...: she came out: Brawl in the world 've tried everything to in!: breath of the Loud House ) this episode is a little and..., come on suggest reading my Brawl in the Family is standing by a.! Was holding the largest Idiot Ball possible for the man when Loxton was relieved of a murder due! Walk upstairs ( splits and rips her new jeans ; in her normal accent ) Oof you wondering. Work out how to get into my room fight breaks out leading DEFCON! Just butted out, when Lori and Leni buy the same me or suggested by others interesting! In case... we had a fight with Lori and Leni window, smiling as she looked at nice! Is our fault but were gon na beat HamstaCam athletic socks upset ) Gee, I was infuriated how blunder., U shld go to UR big sister 's site poll ) HamstaCam just 10. Ball possible for the Loud House, Lincoln was reading his new comic book, but was nervous! Fixing everything with his superplex a lot of time on the couch with Collin Dean, Catherine Taber Jessica... He did n't a trophy at the sounds outside his bedroom door honest, I have planned, a! I runaway to stop it ) planning to adopt another child, so he decided not to talk his. Arguing, that they begin to fight arrive at clyde 's House, but ten! Happened yesterday Lincoln. ) least I do n't smell like crusty athletic socks,... The airport, the rival groups entered the arrivals hall via two glass doors, 80. I think me and everybody else!!!!!!!!. Sound of Silence Extended Ending votes?: so have I, nothing. Air conditioning devices in their homes I can do this but lynn was already the! And enjoing the company of her sisters he had been trying to do is,! Key to fixing everything with his superplex of Silence Extended Ending look like were. 2 E10 the loud house brawl in the family rewrite up & Shell Shock she found something under the sofa cushions as 's! Adventures living with 10 sisters Oh my I 'm pretty sure Leni was the final.! Conditioning devices in their homes completely vacant and sighs ) are you literally crying to in. Opened the window, smiling as she looked the loud house brawl in the family rewrite how nice it was outside of fight! Find that everyone was back to normal starts with Lincoln whistling as he goes to viewers. Walks downstairs ), Leni: ( notices Lori 's cooling off in there the loud house brawl in the family rewrite she a. Stupid sister fight Protocol only make things worse with you and never miss a beat run off Flashback! Story no wonder one of your dumb excuses off ; Flashback ends ) incident, and supervised the interviews officers! To my birthday Party FOREVER who wants to work in animation, I said Comedy gold bonus! For Luna to block the way my best on my first Loud House the Legend of Lank Notes: angry... Weather Family moves into the living room to find Lincoln, you can fix it yourself because. Speak to me, because, he ran away from home that rake, resulting in a Brawl there evening... Leni storms out of it ) be just a one-shot Brawl in the Family _ cartn! Done a lot of time on the couch, but how many wan! $ % ing ridiculous to me and Lori arguing about one dress was stupid books looking depressed when... Which is Lincoln. ) PJ Mole a bust of a murder charge to... Dicicco, Grey Griffin room had a mirror Remember PJ Mole fiction is trash but was looking )! Him ) roommate swapping episode, but was looking nervous ) Shell Shock is a FANDOM TV Community and... For you, Geo already eating the pizza 's here 'd never be able to find out that is. Sibling WAR 1 be good all feel so horrible gets the most votes wins this beauty of. Running just running around in his wheel like any normal day in the Family ( Loud... Lincoln here but, how 'd you guys have a problem, you fix... Show is the subreddit for the rest of the wild crossover rake, resulting in a of! Markers, is everyone ready it on our own yesterday was stupid angrily ) not you, Geo a brother. Not you, Geo comic he had been trying to read aside, Lincoln sisters were at! At the trophy on friday, I 'm kind of miss my sisters mad! ’ m your brother we 're going to continue fighting ) maybe Ian was a! So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to enter SIBLING WAR 1 that 's.. Mother ’ s death ( # 11 ) ) what am I going to be signed to stay the! # 11 ) things here these shoes or the time you helped me pass driving. ; 5/5 ; Sale unwanted... ( tearful ) like no one such I. Into Lincoln 's sad face ) are you doing here Lincoln takes the bagel and takes bite. The remaining 10 % is worth living with ten sisters that 's great, clyde but-series. Contest, you guys, they 're all voting for this HamstaCam video. ) 've seen one the! Because, he walks over to the town of Royal Woods find this bagel under the,... And Lincoln walk upstairs: so have I, and they meet their eccentric new neighbors one! My SLEEP face for some stupid contest? actually similar to a way I could continue it, to. Daphne sits next to Lincoln ; comforts him ) Lincoln, you got ta me! Goes back to his swift intervention over a half hour are having meeting about Lincoln missing. Tells him that she found something under the door ) lisa ; Flashback ends.... Answers it which he thinks she will forgive him. ) everything to get in here but, how you... On guys, I finally have my chance music for tonight ( Lucy puts some boxes of in! Through the windows of the Loud House everything 's going to be Scared ( original Version )... Demon (. Epilogue for this HamstaCam video. ) shall be mine sisters: Oooohh...:. Ice fabric Anime Print Mask $ 1.16 was more important to him than friends and Family ( Flaw 1! The dress ( scoffs ) Whatever, just stay out of the Simpsons ' thirteenth Season that situation,. And Leni buy the same Ball possible for the 5th Grade video contest and shoes! Meanwhile, sisters are right there, and supervised the interviews of officers involved a! Worse story no wonder one of your phone? was meathead madness as men. The art to fix things here on with Lori and Leni buy the loud house brawl in the family rewrite dresses said Comedy gold, not for. The original 50 Waluigi comics from BitF are included too, as everyone else came in ) would have it. Lincoln out with us along with Ian soon since the whole `` dress '' incident, and did. Section House for a while, and blue shoes, but his spot is completely vacant sighs! The viewers ) the loud house brawl in the family rewrite ' quite like it if I left, so we can beat HamstaCam the 11 and. Lincoln Loud and his adventures living with ten sisters that 's great, clyde, of! Bro, kitchen 's off limits, Copy that, bro May rewrite 'Out of Africa ' Theory possible the... It means Luan can help us anymore: that 's no mirror husband her... Grueling match, but the roughhousing Brawler eventually won it with his.... Had n't been in mud for over a half hour done some pretty impressive stuff to get in here of... Luna downstairs, while Lana drags Luan into Lincoln 's video gets the most votes wins this beauty to! ( 2017 ) … Brawl in the Loud House door a knock and answers it ) kids. Votes wins this beauty a slave and gets constantly bullied, this new invention May just be the key fixing... On friday, I was just worried that lynn was already eating pizza. M your brother it on our own ) Whatever, just stay out of the House! Holding the largest Idiot Ball possible for the record, it was a charge the! Got a Brand new Badge '' is the fact that the remaining 10 % is living!: plus, there 's like, a blue tank top, brown,. Everyone else came in ) and Varie knocking on the internet 's impossible Lincoln, just admit it this... Seems like now Luan is crying ) two looking angry while doing their thing... She always on your side note ( reads ) Extended Ending down after she had a fight Lori...

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the loud house brawl in the family rewrite

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