A sealed, 9-washer drag system assisted by a 1-way bearing allows consistent and precise drag settings, and provides protection from the elements. A sealed drag is not 100% necessary for freshwater reels. Tune in as Jared teaches you the steps to tie the Hollow Fleye Squid with tips, techniques, and advice for tying this Hollow Fleye-style Squid pattern. The same reel can cost under $100 at one store and a change in colors it will sells for over $250.00 at another. Replies. This comment has been removed by the author. White River Bliger B8652 Fly Rod& White River BG5 Fly Reel Thanks for viewing my listing. Filter & Sort. The disc drag system is great in case you hook into something larger. Which is to say, how well is the reel designed from a human interaction standpoint. Second, manufacturers seemed to arbitrarily assign prices, so it wasn't really a fair way to determine quality. This year, there were so many contenders that we had no idea who would emerge victorious. If you've gotten this far, I commend you - it's a novel. Thanks for the review, I need a smaller fly reel and the 3/4 wt. .The Texas state record freshwater redfish on fly tackle was taken with a White River Fly Shop Dogwood Canyon Fly Reel (12 lbs./ Steve Guzman). What we found was surprising. + Shipping to: 98837. This year we saw a lot of new reels that really made a lot of headway here. Sound is an important, yet often under appreciated, part of a fly reel. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Why award points to a reel that won't balance the rods it's intended for? Just like last time, all spool measurements were taken using a digital caliper and weights were captured using a digital scale. Thanks for all the good info on these reels! I know - crazy name but this pattern works well. Great White River Fly Fishing Guides Review of Dally's Ozark Fly Fisher Reviewed September 6, 2019 We had two couples (the parents and the grandparents) and we paired up for 3 days fishing with Steve who knew the river and how to fish it during the high flows we had. It's light, has a huge arbor, and an incredibly strong and smooth drag. But you don't actually say anywhere that I can see. But if you're looking for the the finest and highest performing reel on the market today, read on. I found the White River UL reel held a WF3 fly line with about 20-feet of 12lb test backing or a DT2 with about 50-feet. Ended: 23 Dec, 2020 10:48:08 GMT. This affordably priced White River Fly Shop® Fly Rod and Reel Case features rugged 600 denier polyester material over a durable PVC protective tube. So... who cares? Our most affordable fly reel, the popular White River Fly Shop Dogwood Canyon Fly Reel, is more than just a prettyine holder. After all, who hasn't dropped a reel? Reel pocket section is fully padded. The 3280 did its job on bonefish after bonefish without breaking a sweat. That said, it keeps sand, water, and even ice (when it's cold enough) away from all of the important parts of the reel. Thanks for sharing . Condition. In other words, the drag was strong and smooth, with enough range in the drag knob so I can set it quite sensitively. . There is something I'm missing about the drag strength graphs in your 5 weight testing; maybe it's my eyes. 2015 5-weight Fly Reel Shootout & Review: What's the Best Trout Reel. Our affordably priced White River Fly Shop® Double Fly Rod and Reel Case features rugged 600 denier polyester material over a durable PVC protective tube. item 1 White River Dogwood Canyon Fly Reel - 5/6 Weight Pre-Spooled LH Retrieve ONLY 1 - White River Dogwood Canyon Fly Reel - 5/6 Weight Pre-Spooled LH Retrieve ONLY. I was on the fence about … White River Fly Shop Fly Rod - Hobbs Creek Fly Reel Review By Ramsey Lynn | Submitted On September 12, 2010 I recently purchased the White River Fly Shop & Hobbs Creek fly fishing outfit from Bass Pro Shops for $149 and some shipping. Great to connect with your blog again. All drags work in essentially the same way - two plates create friction which slows the spinning of the spool. On the other hand, unlike our 5-weight Rod Shootout, none of the value priced reels did very well when price wasn't considered. Thanks, Bill! The theory being that if any water gets into the drag mechanism, it will freeze up and we'll know that it's really not as sealed as the manufacturers said. When a fish turns and starts swimming toward you, you need to reel as fast as you can to keep the fish on. But trout reels are a lot simpler than saltwater reels. We then dragged each reel along the pavement for a total of 9' to simulate what would happen to a reel if you placed it on a rock to do some rigging. In each review, we'll talk about divots (holes caused by the drop), scratches (mostly caused by dragging) and damage, which can take the shape of a bent frame or anything that would cause the reel to stop functioning normally. Made of a rugged, heavy-duty, PVC-coated, 420-denier nylon, these waders feature a bib-type construction that comes up high on the chest and back for better protection. I have a new blog and address. I've had smallmouth bass sl... Been a while since I fished the local Tailwaters. Each reel was then filled with 75 yards of backing and then mounted to a universal testing machine. The Orvis was the smallest at 5.72 inches, 31% smaller than the winner. It should actually be called "static friction". I hav... Just returned from a week in Quebec. Sign up for our Newsletter, a monthly dose of new ideas and exclusive deals on great gear, sent directly to your inbox. Overall, we don't change spools often, so most reels received full points. This specific item has a rating of 3.5. The narrowest spools came from one of the most classic manufacturers: Abel. On the one hand, everyone has a different sense of value, so it should be assigned by the buyer, not us. 'Bonjour, mes amis" in French and translated to English means "Hello, my friends". If anything, since the goal is to balance a modern top of the line 9' 5wt, then reels around 4.5 - 5 oz. So it may be that at the Litespeed merely allows the drag to be tightened down more, so the coefficient of drag at 2 pounds of drag remains close to .42. Our most affordable fly reel, the popular White River Fly Shop® Dogwood Canyon® Fly Reel, is more than just a pretty line holder. Top that off with great ergonomics, Made-in-the-USA quality, and a hard-as-nails finish and we've found our winner! Light is good up to a point and depending on what rod it's going on. Because all forces are exacerbated at higher speeds, imagine how much drag is lost with a fish traveling at 15-20 miles per hour. It's way more than two pounds. How to make my Bread & Butter! Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Price. We proved that cork drags didn't perform as well as modern disc drags. There is string as well. Steeve's Los Alamos Ant - foam fly pattern for bas... Rainy's Gorilla Body Hopper - fly tying instructions, Cabela's Advanced Anglers Sling Pack REVIEW. They don't design anything and just change colors or knob design. Joe Banik, I assume you have facts to back your claim or is you statement only an assumption? But, I am back and hopefully, better than ever. The Ross Animas and Ross Evolution LT sound like classics! Reinforced, adjustable webbing suspenders with snaplock buckles … This lightweight, easy-to-carry fly rod tube is lined with nylon for smooth insertion and removal. While three inches might not seem like much, if you're reeling in 60' of fly line (think about how many times you do this during a day on the water), the Orvis takes 40 more turns of the reel to do this than the top reel: Winner: Hardy DD 4000, 8.34 inches per turn. Josh January 10, 2017 at 5:56 PM. This year, we wanted to really find out which drags were truly sealed. But we want to make sure that you have the best possible data. Why? Personally, I don't agree with assigning 20 points for weight. So, we dropped each reel 3 times from a height of 3 feet (about the same height as the average tailgate) onto pavement. Used. Whatever else was asked of them, they delivered. 9 results for white river fly reel. As with all of our reviews, we'll try to remain as objective as possible, and we’ll give you all of the raw data to draw your own conclusions, if you wish. is the one I will look at purchasing----I have added your blog to my blog roll, look forward to some great post!! time. Holds 2 rods with mounted reels. There was no contest in this category. This is purely subjective, but there's unlikely to be many people who prefer the feel of a Redington over a Tibor. This comment has been removed by the author. Choosing a Fly Reel for a Spey or Switch Rod. Rods are pushing the limits, some weighing in at less than two ounces. Save white river fly reel to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Orvis: The White River Inn in Cotter, Ark - See 76 traveler reviews, 14 candid photos, and great deals for Manchester, VT, at Tripadvisor. The drag must be set somewhere before the measurement is conducted, that is 0 or 50% or maximum perhaps. This reel incorporates all the best features of reels costing much more. Therefore, bigger IS better, as they say. However, a few things became clear. After all, no one needs to drive a Porsche to the grocery store, but it's a lot more fun than a 1990 Ford Tempo. I really need to hit the vise and put a box together. I'd like to say I want to forget last year but there were a lot of Fly Reel Reviews. Although it's a traditionally styled click-pawl fly reel, you'll find the Classic to be far more rugged than vintage reels. We couldn't have done this test without your support. But they are not reel designers or manufactures. The White River Fly Shop® Kingfisher Fly Reel has an anodized finish and is our smoothest and lightest reel ever! should have the highest points and lighter and heavier reels should be awarded less. It also means fewer turns to bring in that trophy or just reel up as you change spots. Probably longer than any One of the first of many fly fishing educational materials I have acquired... Just a quick post today to share another Fire Tiger color combo with you When we revisited our testing criteria this year, one of the toughest decisions was about whether or not we should include price, and if so, how many points should it get. They hold more line and give you more options – like being able to put a 6 or 7-weight line on a 5-weight reel. period in my life. The backing was then attached to the load cell. Because the drags in trout reels are smaller than their saltwater counterparts, there was a lot more start-up inertia in this test than the last. 2020 marks the return of Greys to the United States. Product Details Keep your reels safe and dry during your travels with our spacious White River Fly Shop® Kootenai Reel Case. Hey, if you could run down to Cabela's with your Boga Grips to do this test, you wouldn't need us, would you? White River Fly Fishing Rod Fly Fishing Rods & Poles. The reel shows light scratches due to normal use but is fully functional. For those of us who have been at this long enough, you'll remember when Greys left us some 6 (or so) years ago to become a European only brand. The drag on my reel is strong enough that I wouldn't even set it that tight for saltwater gamefish like bonefish, striped bass, or false albacore. Don't forget to check out the other posts in our great fly fishing blog. There are two types of friction: static - when the drag isn't moving - and kinetic - when a fish is pulling on the drag. Drag knob: When a fish is cruising into open water and you've left your drag wide open, nothing is more important that getting that adjusted back to a fishable level. The large arbor reel has a smooth black finish and can be switched for right- or left-handed users. Reels are getting lighter too. We put all the reels underwater, gave them a few turns, then let them sit for an hour. 11.01.2021 . Over $50.00 - apply Price filter. This included small brands that sell to only one shop like Einarsson, to direct sales brands like Allen, to larger manufacturers. More importantly, you're never going to have to worry about line piling up on a reel that holds 200 yards of backing. The blog is called "Fly Tyin' Times". Because static friction is greater than kinetic friction, it causes a drop in drag force immediately after the fish starts pulling on your line. Start-up inertia is the initial force required to get the drag started. Reel Type. Reel pocket section is fully padded. Here's what it looks like on a drag graph: You'll notice that this reel requires over 2 lbs of start-up force. wonderful things that happened. This one is a streamer that I have really enjoyed tying as of late. Jenny and the . To get this, we needed to determine the circumference at .75 cubic inches. Any fish that will run 50 yards or more isn't likely to be landed on a 6-foot 2-weight fly rod and 2lb test tippet - nor is it appropriate to try. And now, they're back. Oh, right, t… So, we did the freeze test. But what we really care about is line pickup, and, therefore, that’s what we scored as part of the test. Then I read your shootout and review, and I went back outside to test my reel, because your review didn't seem right. Thousands, if not millions of trout have been caught on Pflueger Medalists and Hardy Perfects - reels with no drag and traditional arbors. Reply Delete. That's where the Orvis Access is really great. Clear All Availability. Maybe things have changed since you did your test, or perhaps you just got a bad copy and I got a good one, but I am more than satisfied with the drag on this reel. Moreover, when you’re casting all day a lighter outfit is easier on your arms. Help us by buying your next fly reel here. Built to keep young anglers dry wherever the fishing takes them, White River Fly Shop Three Fork Lug Sole Chest Waders for kids handle lots of punishment. That’s why top reel manufacturers offer dozens of custom colors and 100s of possible combinations. While we didn't score this, it should be taken into account as a tie-breaker. We're not trying to go tarpon fishing with these reels after all. We measured drag strength by averaging the force after the reel hit its peak (about 2 inches). When it comes to finish quality, one reel stood out with nearly unnoticeable damage. Last time we did this test, we had a pretty good idea of who would win. Joe Humphreys, circa 1988 The answer was resoundingly in favor of the Access, so we knew that we got it just about right. Almost all of the fly reels we tested claim to be “large arbor”, but we discovered that there was quite a variation between reels. About this item. The Ross Evolution LTX Fly Reel is available in two finishes (Platinum and Black) and four sizes (3/4, 4/5, 5/6, and 7/8). The reel is slightly used. White River Fly Fishing Rods & Poles. $35.00 to $50.00 - apply Price filter. This is an entry-level but reliable set-up for for fly fishing for trout. Effectively, we're losing 25% of our drag strength. Hey, if you could run down to Cabela's with your Boga Grips to do this test, you wouldn't need us, would you? We also wanted to take our testing to the next level, so we added a couple innovative categories, including a never before done freeze test to see if drags were truly sealed. White River Hobbs Creek II fly reel with backing and light-green Scientific Angler Air Cel 4wt floating double-taper fly line White River is a Bass Pro Shops brand. What more is there to say? Rugged all-metal construction, disc drag, and rimmed, counterbalanced spool rounds out a list of features common to much more expensive reels. The frozen water changed the way some of the reels sounded, but there were no "lock-ups", so we awarded full points to all of the sealed drags, but we need to find a better way to test this in the future. This is more than sufficient capacity. There was no reel that didn't pass this test. The so-named, Orvis Access Mid-Arbor was the smallest at 1.5 inches, nearly 40% smaller than the Hardy DD 4000 at 2.44 inches. All in pursuit of one question: What's the best fly reel for trout? We wanted this test to be as complete as possible. Quantity. After the reels were done soaking, we stuck them in the freezer and left them overnight. Now, on to the full results: We'd love to hear your feedback on this test. For those of you who don’t know, the arbor refers to the mid-section of the spool. Yes, you can add weight by choosing a heavier reel but that's exactly the point. item 7 White River Fly Fishing Vest 2XL Khaki Hobbs Creek New With Tags 6 - White River Fly Fishing Vest 2XL Khaki Hobbs Creek New With Tags. The reel itself is not machined so it is a bit less sturdy than the higher end Lamsons. Like an Alfa Spider, Greys faded out of the mainstream and into the fond memory of enthusiasts. Quick summary: Quite a bit. is the one I will look at purchasing----I have added your blog to my blog roll, look forward to some great post!! Handle: The best handles were fairly long - they move your knuckles further away from the spool so you're never touching it. We can talk about fly reel performance all day long, but when it comes down to buying a reel, look and feel is just as important. One question that we get asked all the time is whether or not X reel is a good choice for Y rod. This review is for the new 7' five weight Eagle Claw Sweetheart and not the old vintage model. When we did our 8-weight reel shootout, we started out with a few basic principles, and we're going to do the same this time around. If we're using 8 lb test tippet, we now need to set our drag to a maximum of 5-6 lbs so that it doesn't break the tippet. We want our reels to have a fast enough retrieve for any trout that might turn on you, little to no start-up inertia, and the lightest possible weight. We then set the machine in motion and measured the force nearly 1000 times per second. Drag sounds provide a lot of feedback when fighting a fish, which is useful, but they also add to the excitement of catching a fish that makes a great run. Feel free to drop over and check it out. It helps keep the weight down and gives you a fast retrieval rate. $15.00 0 bids 9d 21h. This post was inspired by the legendary Joe Humphreys. It descended slowly, gently, and smoothly from 4 feet to the ground, with no hesitation, catchiness, or start-up inertia. One of the most common remarks about our 8-weight shootout was, "I can't believe they didn't test ." $29.95. I see it is the very best value reel available at nearly any price. This is a full-featured fly fishing reel with performance elements you'd expect to find in more expensive models. Thanks again, my friend! So, we asked ourselves a question: would you rather buy an Orvis Access, or a Nautilus NVG? It's been a long time since I've written anything. The largest reels could hold nearly 250 yards of backing! JoshThanks for the review, I need a smaller fly reel and the 3/4 wt. Replies. When are people going to wake up and see companies like Cheeky, Taylor and Allen to name a few just sell mass-produced reels? The Allen seems to be a great reel and honestly for redfish and other 8wt fish in FL, you don;t need an amazing drag. Lamson Konic II Review - Lamson Fly Reels. It’s relatively light for a large aluminum arbor reel, is a good fit with lighter rods and makes casting a breeze all day long. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Warm water fly tying. Save white river fly reel to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. As fly fisherman, we’ve become obsessed with weight. Hi Steve - all the reels are set to maximum drag before testing. In order to prioritize what was most important, we changed our scoring a bit this year. Hi, Josh, it's me Grandpa Mel (a.k.a. Tying instructions for my top foam pattern.

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